Steam Desktop Authenticator

A desktop simulator of Steam's mobile authenticator app.

DISCLAIMER: We won’t provide you any help when using Steam Desktop Authenticator. The Steam Desktop Authenticator program is done only by ambitions of community members and isn’t affiliated with Scrap.TF, Steam or Valve corp. Usage of this program is proceeded only by yourself and at your own risks. You accept your own the responsibility to make backups. Prevention of illegitimate access to your computer is fully on your competence.

REMEMBER: You are strongly advised to make backups of maFiles directory. Otherwise if you lose or corrupt the encryption key and/or delete maFiles by mistake AND you didn’t make a backup for your revocation code, you’re screwed.

If your encryption key OR maFiles got lost, you need to go here and press the "Remove Authenticator" button after it you should input the revocation code you noted down when you firstly added the SDA to your account.

If you didn’t follow the instructions over and/or didn’t note code of revocation, well you’re totally screwed. The only way to reestablish your account is to ask Steam Support and tell them that you wiped out your mobile authenticator & the revocation code.

A desktop simulator of Steam's mobile authenticator app.

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